About EhoCW

EHOCW : Software CW Keyer, morse code workbench and morse decoder.


EhoCw is a morse keyer software and a morse code generator and even a morse code decoder.

It runs on your PC under windows (from NT to Vista, windows 7). This software can be used efficiently by any telegraphist, confirmed or beginner who wants to use his personnal computer as a memory keyer, you can use it to learn morse code and you can use it to decode morse code.


In order to use it, you can use the PC keyboard, or a key (straight or double-contacts) plugged in the PC via the joystick port or serial-port (com).

EhoCW can convert your own text files or automaticaly generated texts (EhoCW includes a text generator), towards midi, wav or mp3 formats, it is easy to use a USB mp3 player to learn morse code.

EhoCW makes possible using a straight key or double contacts key, either for left-handed, or right-handed persons.

EhoCW is fully operational and is given new functions in time... I am listening to all improvement suggestions, conseils or advices or comments. (e-mail)

EhoCW is a FreeWare, and you can download it freely.