EhoCW groups generator


Groups generator

The group generator is highly parametrable, the size of groups, the number or the time, the characters can be set.


The groups can be composed by a mix of alphabetics, numerics, or punctuation marks.


And you can even mix groups and words.


Example : If you set  ‘Alphabetics’ with a frequency of  5 and ‘Numerics’ with a frequency of 1, you will obtain a text like :

vvv xzrhl jftxo qulgb mokqa 5glol vph68 aunzl f29wx ivymi xfcoe inijl dgwic twldv vagqe 2ndyt h1fjm wanas kpiof xlewo mbuni njuim uowkb q9bia 3uicq zysrr avjqw uz0uj kddtc f8wkl a5kly xqfdh g1ija 36gbb xbwfv u7pqj nqmvx ywsz4 dquqp ijsxd bjund 0mfhp unk0s spjrj qbajx