What's new

2018-05-08 V1.04. Fixed some log issue, added icons to the select log windows. Put the Adif2csv and csv2adif programs in the setup file. Should work, but not (re?)tested. 

Apr. 2018 : V1.03 : Minor update. Now, clicking on the Play button change the button to stop button, clicking again return to play and so on.

Oct 2 2016 : V1.02

  The API used on Windows doesn't work on Linux/Wine, so I added 4 com ports when running on Linux/Wine. 

  I did the same on the old version 0.93.


V1.01 : The decoder has gone to another project. This version can manage to connect with ASIO and WASAPI device drivers.


19/01/2012 : V0.92.

  • Lot of bug fixing,
  • new install system,
  • EhoCW datas are now located in My Documents\EhoCW. Please uninstall old versions before attempt to run setup.
  • EhoCW works well with Windows 7.
  • An explorer is now opened after morse mp3 creation
  • 06/12/2010 : V0.91n New possibility to keep sound playing from PC while transmitting (On Air!). Fixed some bugs.
  • 21/10/2010 : V0.91m Bug fixing.
  • 10/10/2010 : V0.91l. 1) Bug with crash of Riched20.dll was fixed. 2)Added some decoder improvements.
  • 02/10/2010 : V0.91k. Swedish character were added. EhoCW can now check for updates. Some other minor evolutions or fixes.
  • 07/09/2010 : V0.91j. On 'Keyboard' screen, you can now use BackSpace key to 'unbuffer' the last keyed character from CW queue, if possible.
  • 02/09/2010 : V0.91i. When using a straight key, you can now use either CTS or DSR signal as input, by using the "Swap paddles" check box.
  • 22/08/2010 : V0.91h. Added two new language macros : \label(n) and \goto(n), where 0 <= n <= 9.
  • Beacon example : \label(0) BEACON DG8XXX BEACON DG8XXX \sleep(30) \goto(0)
  • 17/03/2010 : V0.91gb. Minor bug fix on the text filter of the text generator.
  • 09/03/2010 : V091g New vocal file : French (my voice), English voice by Paul, kd8buf.
  • 26/02/2010 V0.91f  Added a dah buffer check box (and function) because a japanese OM asked for it 
  • 26/02/2010 V0.91e Added new functions :  \saystart \saystop The text between these two commands is spelled with international phonetic alphabet
  • 17/02/2010 V0.91d Added new text screen functions \sayl(letter) and \sayil(letter)
  • Spelling either with alphabet letter or international phonetic alphabet.

05/02/2010 : V0.91c

 - Should work with Windows Seven.

25/01/2010 : V0.91b :

  • New function to change the sound card for playing CW.
  • New PDF documentation (no more htmlHelp .chm)
  • Fix about how to find the EhoCWL.ini file.
  • Fix in UTC, printing on screen was sometimes false
  • New Log program called EhoLog is born, not published yet (not finished)
  • Improvements in keyer macros and minor bug fixed. The characters _-=%.;!:*#~/,?$+{}()[]\"&<>^ can end a macro.
  • Bug fixed in the text generator, splitting file was not working since version 0.88 Thanks to Joël (f8ezz) for his help in testing
  • The @ character has been integrated. (AC .--.-.)

09/02/2009 V0.90g : The program is now able to recognize a Vista OS as a valid Operating system for EhoCW.

A new functionnality has been added : the width and height of the main window is stored in the ini file when you exit the program. The stored sizes are recalled on progam startup. 'Cosmetics' adjustments for new DL language translation to fit in component sizes. Bug correction, exception when changing keyer frequency two or three times.

The estimated decoding speed is now correct.

30/10/2008 V 0.90b : Bug fixed in the variables hanling, when a variable value was changed, it was not realy updated in the keyer, (only when reloading the program). Thanks to Jean-Paul, F5PIG, for having reported this problem.

12/07/2008 V 0.90a : Bug fixed in the dictionnaries handling and bug fixed in the configuration file handling.

New version 0.90

I have worked a lot in recent times, and there will be a lot of news in the next version.

In particular:

  • The decoder was reviewed and improved. 
  • A number of bugs were fixed (sorry for these bugs, and thank for the reports).
  • The automatic keyer  text now allows the display of texts contained in macros, a small window opens for reading.
  • Orders can be used in the text: \speed (..) to change the speed of manip, \slow  or \s to leave the space between characters, and others.
  • The calculations of text lengthes takes all these parameters into account .
  • Now, the program has a 'XP' look , the buttons are a little more cool.
  • The keyer speed  has been extended to 5 wpm to 60wpm, instead of 12 wpm to 40 wpm.
  • The audio system has been completely redesigned, and should work better, especially on old configurations (tests made on 300Mhz laptop , and I use it for my personal QSO).

 This new version contains the following developments

  • 17/05/2008 Fixed a bug in the backup parameters ( line deletion was not always working)
  • Complete rewrite of the keyer class.
  • 20/04/2008 V0.90 Decoder: New experimental  autogoto and auto threshold.
  • New  functions in the auto keyer \ sleep (n) = wait 'n' second (s), \ speed (n) = Change keyer speed.
  • 21/04/2008 The carret moves at the same time that the characters are played in morse code.
  • 23/04/2008 Added WindowsXP.manifest in resources. Some components now have the XP look .
  • 10/12/2007 V0.88 Now,  display spectrum and filter are individual 'threads'
  • 06/12/2007 V0.87b Moved the (future) log on the front screen
  • 17/08/2007 V0.87a Correction :  'backspace' key was freezing the keyer.
  • 01/05/2007 V0.87 New  function : management of dictionaries (in the  text gnerator)
  • 29/01/2007 Parameters freq, duration Inter word 'and' inter char ', moved to the front screen
  • 10/01/2007 The escape key now stops the keyer (and empty the queue) (as the Stop button does).
  • 04/12/2006 New online help (non-contextual), but not up to date.

V0.85 dated 10/01/2007:

  • Windows version detection, works only from NT to XP.
  • Inter word duration is now editable
  • 'About' window : add thanks.
  • Text generator : added a time limit
  • New  display of speed, one for real speed, one for relative speed
  • Auto-save when exit of  texts in keyboard screen
  • Text generator : There is now a word filter
  • New method in playing  keying  to supress 'clicks'
  • Tentatively add online help (french only for the moment, but not finished).
  • The manuel keyer has now its own thread
  • The auto keyer has now its own thread
  • Separate cursors for manual keyer and auto keyer
  • Stop the auto keyer when 'escape' is keyed on the PC keyboard.

V0.82f dated 06/09/2006:

  • Bug correction in wav/mp3 generator

V0.82e dated 03/09/2006:

  • Serial port related bug correction
  • Minor corrections