EhoCW in traffic

EhoCw can be used to practice telegraphy, but it also permits to make QSO without a key.


CW QSOs have some use rules, and the process is well defined. So, I thought about a ‘standard’ QSO defined once.


I defined some QSO variables as ‘RIG’, ‘WX’, ‘CALLSIGN’, and you can access them with a ‘%’ sign at the beginning of the variable name. So, if I place ‘%CALLSIGN’ included in a text I play with EhoCW, the program will play my callsign instead of the variable name.


This is very simple. On the ‘Common’ screen, there is editables text fields :

Example : %CALLSIGN, %GD, %WX, etc…


These texts, are stored in these ‘variables’ (%CALLSIGN, etc).


Then, in the screens,  ‘Calling’ ou ‘Called’, every time you will use one of these variables preceded with the percent sign (%) in a text to play with EhoCH, the EhoCW program will play the stored text instead.

Example :

  In the common screen, we have : %CALLSIGN : F8EHO

  When in the ‘Calling’ screen, i set :



  If i play this text with EhoCW, i will hear

« CQ  CQ  CQ  de  F8EHO   F 8 E H O  PSE  K »

Note that « \s » means ‘Play with a space between the letters’.

You can assign a function key to the text if you want.