Morse mp3 generation

morse code mp3 generator from text

mp3 generator 1

If you want cut the file in slices, the file name will be made of a prefix you’ll be asked to provide, followed by a sequential number.

Then, if you chek : ‘Save corresponding text files’, the sequence numbers will match the sequence of the wav or mp3 files. The CW contained in the wav/mp3 will match the text files.

Text to Mp3 conversion can take a long, because it requires a lot of CPU resources. The time needed to convert is directly proportionnal to the text file size, (and the speed of your computer).

 mp3 Generator 2

Ok, here, you are asked by EhoCW to confirm the file creation.

mp3 generator 3

EhoCW propose a filename, you can change it.

mp3 generator 4

Wait while the wave file is creating....

mp3 generator 5

Now EhoCW converts it to a mp3 file, with the help of lame encoder.


mp3 generator 6

Now, i got my mp3 file, and i am ready to transfer it to my iPod ;-) Now, i can practice CW in any location.

Ist'nt it beautiful ? ;-)

Hope this helps.