Midi file format

Midi file format generation

 Files in midi format can be read under Windows (double click on the file name will open the appropriate program).
This format is a format used to record music. The file contains indeed notes, note lengths, an indication of note 'on' or 'off'. In short, without going into detail, this allows to store morse code.

One advantage of this file format, is very small and encoded files. You can easily send Morse in midi format, as an attachment to an e-mail. That is possible with data files in wav or mp3 but the file size is very stronger, several megabytes.

There is no particular screen for the midi file generator. Only the dialogue box will ask for file name, so you can specify the file path to create.

Note: If you want to change the tone of your phone ring to a morse code, the midi format is the format that will allow you to do so.