2018-05-08 V1.04. Fixed some log issue, added icons to the select log windows. Put the Adif2csv and csv2adif programs in the setup file. Should work, but not (re?)tested.


October 2014 : V1.01

  The API used on Windows doesn't work on Linux/Wine, so I added 4 com ports when running on Linux/Wine. 

  I did the same on the old version 0.93.


August 2014 : V1.01

Added basic midi input, keyer can receive midi note on and note off from a midi input driver. Configuration of the midi source is in the option screen.

Thanks to Chuck, aa0hw for his great testing job.

21 may 2013 : Added Windows 8 detection.

09 may 2013 : Added a "Show ASIO control panel" on the setup screen.

6 may 2013 : Another great video of EhoCW by Chuck, see it on youyube :

You can see all the Chuck's videos about EhoCW at :

march 2013 : V1.00

A new version of EhoCW is out, with a lot of differences compared to previous 0.92

  • The portaudio low level library sound is now used by EhoCW, this enables to use the Windows 7 WASAPI library, ASIO, DirectX, and so on. The best latency results are obtained with ASIO with an ASIO sound card or with the ASIO4ALL driver wich enables many sound cards to be used with ASIO.
  • If you don't want to use ASIO, then choose WASAPI in the option screen.
  • The morse decoder has been removed from this version, but for those who liked it, you can download (or keep) the previous version. The decoder is now a new project, and will be ported from Borland C++ to Qt C++ technology, and will be multi platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • It is now possible to connect one or two double keys plus one or two straight keys (with com ports).
  • The sound generator has been improved, there is no more 'clicks' in the morse sound. This has been intensively tested by Chuck AA0HW, and the signal is very nice with no harmonics at all. Chuck also made some videos published on youtube and on his website (, the videos are available at :
  • 1), 2), 3)
  • Thanks again Chuck.
  • Multiples independent instances of EhoCW can be launched on one PC (see videos)
  • The documentation has not yet been updated, any volunteers ?


19/01/2012 : V0.92

  • EhoCW works now on Windows 7, please uninstall old versions before running setup
  • Datas are now saved in My Documents\EhoCW
  • New version opens a file explorer after mp3 creation
  • Lot of bug fixed.
  • 06/12/2010 : V0.91n New possibility to keep sound playing from PC while transmitting (On Air!). Fixed some bugs.
  • 21/10/2010 : V0.91m Fixed some bugs.
  • 10/10/2010 : V0.91l. 1) Bug with crash of Riched20.dll was fixed. 2)Added some decoder improvements.
  • 02/10/2010 : V0.91k. Swedish character were added. EhoCW can now check for updates. Some other minor evolutions or fixes.
  • 07/09/2010 : V0.91j. On 'Keyboard' screen, you can now use the BackSpace key to remove the last keyed character from CW queue (if not played yet).
  • 02/09/2010 : V0.91i. When using a straight key, you can now use either CTS or DSR signal as input, by using the "Swap paddles" check box.
  • 22/08/2010 : V0.91h. Added two new language macros : \label(n) and \goto(n), where 0 <= n <= 9.
  • 19/05/2010 : V0.91gd. Added some new characters for german hams : "ä" (.-.-), "ö" (---.) and "ü" (..--). These characters can now be exported to midi, wav or mp3 files.
  • 17/03/2010 : V0.91gb. Minor bug fix on the text filter on the text generator.
09/03/2010 : V0.91g. New version with vocal possibilities to spell text.

A new 'play' button has been added to the 'Text screen'. Four new commands have been added (\Sayl, \Sayil, \SayStart, \SayStop ). See documentation for usage information. There is two vocal wav files you can choose from (french voice and english voice) from the option screen, to spell your text. Thanks to Paul, kd8kuf for giving his voice. The size of the setup has increased to 13 Mb.

05/02/2010 : A new version has been published (Alpha 0.91c), Should work with Windows Seven.

26/01/2010 : A new version has been published (Alpha version 0.91b updated 25/01/2010), go to the download page to get it, and see the changelog page to see what has changed.

1st of october /2009 :New language has been added to the language file (EhoCWL.ini), now you can use italian language. Thanks to Enzo, I8BVW for his great translation effort. You can download the new file here : EhoCWL.ini and copy it into you EhoCW installation folder.

09/02/2009 New minor version (0.90g). Only bug fixing and cosmetics changes for this new version.

Bug corrections : The estimated decoding speed is now correct,   The "program exception" when successively changing the keyer frequency has gone.

You can take benefits from new german translation from Uwe Lauer (future OM),

Feel free to propose some new language translations (available languages are french, english, german, dutch, spanish)

31/01/2009 : New minor version released (0.90d).

PA0HRS made possible to have a dutch version of the language file. Thanks Hans ! thanks to ULauer wich made corrections on the German translation.

I have added a new functionality, now, the size of the EhoCW window is stored when one quit the program, and restored when you run EhoCW again.

10/12/2008 Hi all, I have added a lot of pages in the English area of the website. Now, it is up to date, as the french side is.

You can also download an english version of the PDF doc file, follow the 'Downloads' link